Bent u op zoek naar een mooi cadeau voor iemand dichtbij u? Geef een sieraad van Juwelier Polderman Den Haag

The jeweller   with a golden touch

Have your jewellery and watches repaired at Polderman Jewellery

You handle your jewellery and watches with care, but something unexpected can always happen, potentially causing minor damage. Our jewellery shop in The Hague will gladly repair your jewellery.

Professional repair of your jewellery

Want to make a ring larger or smaller? Want to have a lock replaced? Or a broken bracelet repaired? Polderman Jewellery can be of service for any type of repair.

If you have a piece of jewellery with precious stones, we recommend coming by once a year to have it inspected. The legs of the stones can wear, for example, and if you fail to catch it in time, you risk losing the stone. This inspection is free but we do charge a fee for replacing or thickening the legs.

De mooiste sieraden zijn te koop bij Juwelier Polderman in Den Haag
Juwelier Polderman in Den Haag pleegt ook onderhoud aan uw horloge

Watch repair and maintenance

Our jewellery shop works with a professional watchmaker. This allows us to help you quickly and easily with the repair and maintenance of your watch.

We also replace batteries, with or without a waterproof test, in our shop.